Alexer Syzar (Αλεxερ Σγζαρ in Olympian) is a rich businessman from Eleusis. Founder of the Blue Rose, the Lampyrian resistance movement, he later became one of the most powerful mortals in the Olympian Galaxy as the first President of the Senate of the Mortal Republic.


Alexer is the heir of the Syzar family, an extremely rich dinasty and the "old money" of the Olympian Galaxy. Given the relative independence of Eleusis and his heritage (his mother was a Myridian sex slave purchased by his father), Syzar became a supporter of the abolition of divine rule.

To gain secret information about the galaxy and as an effort to help the Lampyrians (including his adopted daughter Elyla), Syzar founded the Blue Rose. When Noriko Null defeated Demeter and Hephaestus and increased the Lampyrian lifespan, Syzar offered to support her cause.

Syzar was instrumental in the creation of the Alliance, acting as its de facto leader, and spearheaded the foundation of the Mortal Republic. He rapidly took most of the political power to himself, taking control of the newly created sector by winning an election as President of the Mortal Senate.

With hundreds of planets and billions of people under his leadership, Syzar is frequently considered one of the most powerful mortals in the Olympian Galaxy together with Noriko Null and the Winter King.

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