The Nine Gods are the leaders of the Greek, Egyptian and Sumerian pantheons. Each of the Nine is the supreme ruler of his/her own galaxy and they are considered the most powerful gods in existence, equal or superiors to the Primordial gods.


The group replaced the rule of Kronos after he was deposed from his position of Emperor Of The Universe by his son Zeus. The Assembly of the Nine Gods was established to keep stability, with rules prohibiting members of different pantheons to attack each other in order to avoid retaliation.



The Nine Gods occasionally gather in an Assembly, held on a planet specifically created for the occasion and destroyed at the end of the same Assembly. The Throne Of The Universe is moved to the new planet, which in turn is sometimes called the Throne Of The Universe as well. The Assembly is typically held in the Middle Galaxy. For the duration of the Assembly, there is a cease fire between members.

While each one of the Nine Gods is the supreme ruler of his/her galaxy, the decisions of the Assembly are binding for all members. Each of the Nine is allowed one vote at the Assembly or can abstain: in case of a tie, the motion does not pass (there is no tie-breaker). An absent member can be represented by a vassal, however they are not allowed to vote if not present.

Only members of the Nine Gods and the Lord Of All Demons (who does not get a vote) are allowed to attend the Assembly. However any member can extend the invitation to any other guest.

(information from Beyond The Impossible #200 to Beyond The Impossible #202)


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