Lesion (لېسلۆن in Demonic) is the youngest daughter of Torn and Agony.


Nothing is known about Lesion's past, mostly thanks to her young age.

She seems to have a fascination with alien cultures, something unusual for a Demon.


Lesion's powers stem from her alien Demon physiology and her connection to the Blood, an energy field that connects all living creaturs.

Superhuman strenght, durability and reflexes: Lesion is far stronger than any human.

Redundant organs and healing factor: Demons are exceptionally hard to kill with conventional means, thanks to redundancies to vital organs and fast healing times

Resistance to mind attacks: Demon minds are different enough from human minds to make telepathic attacks more difficult

Energy constructs: By accessing the Blood, Lesion can generate at will solid constructs.

Increased lifespan: Demons age approximately four times more slowly than humans. Laceration looks like a tween but is over 50 years old.

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