Nyx (/ˈnɪks/ IPA, Νγx in Olympian) is the Primordial Goddess of Darkness and mother of Eris.


Nyx is one of the Primordial Gods, created by the Drylon over five billion years ago. She gave birth to Eris but had little interest in raising her.

She was worshipped on Nyktelios 100,000 years ago; the planet has since become uninhabitable.


Reality warping: Nyx can manipulate matter and energy at a galactic scale, can take any form and size she desires, is completely invulnerable, and can teleport anywhere in the universe instantly. She may even be able to warp the laws of physics


  • Like other Primordials, she was created by the Drylon. It's not known if she considers the other Primodials as her siblings.

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