Odysseus, mostly known as Ulysses (/juːˈlɪsiːz/ IPA, ουλγσσεσ in Myridian) is a legendary hero of the Olympian Galaxy and the founder of the Mortal Liberation Front.


Most of the story of Ulysses is a web of lies and half-truths, often with contradictory information. He was born Odysseus of Ithaca, which according to Ares was a name for Earth (or of a location on Earth). He's known to have partecipated in the Trojan War, where he stole the Palladium before taking it to Earth. He also brought there an unknown number of other alien artifacts.

He was the protegé of Athena and he's known to have killed Polyphemus, son of Poseidon. His adventures became legendary and a symbol of defiance against the gods: the tale of his voyages is told in a book called the Odyssey (almost completely different from the book of the same name that survived on Earth). Unknown to the vast majority of the galaxy's population, Ulysses survived by somehow obtaining immortality and founded the terrorist organization called the Mortal Liberation Front.

Ulysses claims to have stolen the Nexus from Hermes, to have met Reaper before his death, and to have experience with multiple beings holding the Nexus; none of these claims has been confirmed. At an unknown moment he interacted with the Core, leaving behind a shadow of his mind within the alien device.

Ulysses was a key member of the Alliance but disappeared after the defeat of Hermes. A being claiming to be Ulysses helped Noriko Null in the search of the Dragon Tomb, but he was later revealed to be someone else.

The real Ulysses resurfaced to attend the wedding of Kari Zel and to help Noriko Null to stop the degradation of her mind.


Ulysses is a master manipulator, a skilled liar and a cunning strategist. The full extent of his abilities is a well-kept secret.

Immortality: Ulysses no longer ages and his body can recover from injury much faster than a regular human.

Limited mind powers: Ulysses was able to force Abyss to stand down and revert back to Noriko's personality just by staring at her Soul resonance: Ulysses was able to connect his soul to Noriko's, stabilizing her mind


  • Noriko has met two people falsely claiming to be Ulysses. Together with the lack of an explanation for his immortality, she has wondered if the man she knows is the real Ulysses
  • If his claim to have been born on Earth is true, after the death of the Scribe Ulysses is currently the oldest known living human

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